Old Passenger Car At An Old Station

1 Station

Train Location #1.  Opening Scene of the book and possibly the Movie:

An old passenger car next to an old station. Should be in disrepair or at the very least look abandoned.  Need a model train station that can be installed on the Doc’s Layout (See Train Location #2).

We will need to build a full scale replica of the model station for filming interiors. (must be in an area where all the lights can be turned off).

Remember – this is NOT a full size station, but a full size replica of the model – it needs to be plastic!

Our ‘protoype’ Station is Atlas’ very popular ‘Suburban Passenger Train Station’, available in… HO Scale       N Scale     O Scale

We are attempting to build a mockup for the Calgary Supertrain Train show.  Follow the Doc Christmas Website or FaceBook Page for progress reports.

Resized for Booth

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